Newborn babies – creating images that make you smile


Newborn babies are great and very cute but not the easiest subject to photograph. Babies sleep a lot when they are young but they also feed a lot and seem to be constantly hungry. They also cry, whinge, wriggle, wave their arms and cause all sorts of challenges for the photographer. Their skin can be quite red and blotchy and when taking close ups they can suffer from milk spots which means a lot of editing.

They are also one of the most rewarding subjects and a good photograph is guaranteed to make the parents smile. I’ve been taking photos of babies and children since my three kids were born, around 27 years and I’m finally getting it right on 99% of sittings. I’ve learned to be very patient and have tailored my techniques and props to achieve the results I want. If you would like a quote for a young baby to be photographed please get in touch.

Newborn babies can be photographed anytime but are at their best between 7-21 days. I can visit you in your house if you don’t feel like coming out, as long as I get a cuppa when I get there!

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